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Detention centers at the border have been pushed to overcapacity as. of tent cities in Texas, and they also began flying migrants to facilities. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan approved the request for assistance that the Department of Homeland Security made on May 9.. Go to Home Page .

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The Pentagon will build the camps in support and at the request of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in charge [.] The Department of Defense announced Wednesday that it will build six temporary camps in the border areas with Mexico of the states of Texas and Arizona to house a total of 7,500 undocumented immigrants.

(WASHINGTON) – The Department of Homeland Security has requested that U.S. troops build "temporary facilities" at six locations to house up to 7,500 detained migrant adults, according to the Department of Defense, further expanding the military’s role on the southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security has requested that U.S. troops build "temporary facilities" at six locations to house. to border patrol agents. However, a request approved by Shanahan in late.

Military personnel will erect the tents, but the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will run the camps, a statement The American military is going to set up tents near the US-Mexico border to temporarily house adult undocumented migrants held by immigration authorities, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

 · The defense officials described the force DHS requested as something that would only be used if CPB personnel were overwhelmed by the situation on the border. Even so, the Pentagon rejected the request for the reserve "protection" force, while it simultaneously approved all of DHS’ other requests for support with Secretary of Defense James.

Pentagon agrees to set up tent housing near the border for roughly 7,500 migrants The tents will be erected near the Tornillo, Donna, Laredo and Del Rio ports of entry, as well as in Arizona.

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 · WASHINGTON – The Pentagon said on Wednesday that it would build temporary housing along the southwestern border for 7,500 migrant adults facing deportation, the latest step in the administration’s efforts to respond to a surge of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers trying to enter the United States.