Baijiu was always more furtive in definition. The liquor is so pervasive in China that it’d be unthinkable not to have it on-hand for special occasions, like Chinese New Year or Autumn Festival, so when celebrating these occasions in our home in Tennessee, Ma and Ba might close their eyes while describing the strange elixir and smile.

Baijiu is an intense Chinese drink with centuries of history, let’s learn about and try the three major types. then see if I can still walk after! Follow me on Facebook:

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Baijiu (sometimes called by the more archaic Shaojiu) is a clear distilled liquor, which can be regarded as the national drink of the People’s Republic of China.Its name translates as "white wine" but it is, in fact, a high-alcohol spirit. chinese people will generally drink Baijiu with food, rather than on its own.

"Baijiu set foot in the U.S. more than 30 years ago, thanks to CNS and the Shen family," says Manny Burnichon, owner of Private Cask Imports, which works with family-owned CNS Imports, a company.

These are just some of the phrases used to describe baijiu, the most popular alcoholic drink you’ve probably never heard of. The transparent, highly potent drink is commonly found at banquet.

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Food | Deep-fried Baijiu with Dustin Merrett.. You might lose a bit of alcohol during the cooking process but Merrett says the baijiu blocks still packed a punch. He also tried a light aroma baijiu, by Hong Shin, but found it far less flavorful.

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NEW YORK, N.Y. – Ming River Sichuan Baijiu proudly announces its launch in the united states. crafted by China’s oldest continuously operating distillery, Ming River is produced using time.

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