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    Hundreds of migrants are being held by border agents in a fenced in encampment under a bridge in El Paso, leading to anger and accusations that the American government is holding people in "concentration camps." Images posted online by reporters and advocates painted a disturbing scene in the Texas city.

    Hundreds of African migrants gathered on the Mexican side of the bridge that separates Laredo, Texas, from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

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    In 2006-2007, millions of people participated in protests over a proposed change to U.S.. Yet, thousands of immigrants risked their jobs and joined the marches to demand. Many others cross the borders between the United States and Mexico, or the. Today, undocumented entry to the United States is a misdemeanor.

    Here’s another one that could be tough for Sharron Angle to explain away: In an interview in January, Angle appeared to float the possibility of armed insurrection if "this Congress keeps going the.