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Here’s what I learned about setting a criteria for my own mastermind group (I’d recommend setting criteria for ANY type of mastermind group): The people need to be of the same skill level – If there are 5 A-players in the group and 1 C-player, the C-player will be singled out almost instantly and it’ll build resentment.

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The best mastermind groups are composed of people who have a variety of perspectives. We need new experiences, new ideas, and different world-views to help us expand to reach our full potential. Contrast keeps us open, challenges our mental models, and sparks our curiosity around the various way to create and live our lives.

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If you’re new to Masterminding, it’s best to start with just one other person and grow from there. Choose wisely though. Just because someone is your friend, does not mean they will make a good Mastermind partner.

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I’m sure by now you have heard multiple sources raving about the benefits of being in a mastermind group to help push your business to the next level. Tom has previously provided great information on how and why you should start a mastermind group and included his two person mastermind model in that post.

A better question may be "What’s the best mastermind group for you? (me)." My company, Mastermind Research | specializes in creating business mastermind groups. It’s a great challenge bringing the right people together, but if you want to join a m.

Gaining personal clarity on where you’re headed is the place to start. Without this clarity, you‘ll add random members heading in different directions. While some diversity is healthy, there must be a unity of purpose and mission. All of the members of my mastermind group are focused on growing their online platforms.