Mexican Border Lake Shooting Still Awash In Mystery It has been three weeks since an American tourist was reportedly shot — possibly by drug cartels — while riding a Jet Ski on a cross-border.

Meanwhile, human rights groups continued to document thousands of government-linked murders and disappearances. they might travel by bus from El Salvador to Guatemala to Mexico to [a] city along.

A migrant from Honduras, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America en route to the United States, poses in front of the border wall between the US and Mexico in Tijuana, Mexico.

Huawei presenta demanda ante tribunales por medida de EEUU – SHENZHEN, China (AP) – En un intento por defender su acceso a los grandes mercados de tecnologa, la empresa de telecomunicaciones china Huawei present una demanda en los tribunales de estados unidos para cuestionar la constitucionalidad de una ley norteamericana que limita sus ventas de equipos. El director de asuntos legales de Huawei, Song Liuping, declar el mircoles que la empresa.

Tourists in Mexico drive around dismembered and burned corpses of cartel victims amid gang violence spike in one-time holiday hotspot acapulco. Just yesterday a car filled with tourists drove past burnt and dismembered corpses on Lazaro Cardenas Boulevard in the city. Last month the US government told citizens not to go to the former party town as it was revealed Mexico suffered nearly 30,000 murders last year alone.

But now it has company, with other Mexican cities that are as bad or worse. In the last year, the number of homicides around Mexico has soared to levels. organized crime – backed by hundreds of millions of dollars in American aid.. of San Miguel de Allende, a popular tourist destination for foreigners.

Mexico’s border cities hope to lure back U.S. tourists. The thousands of spring breakers who flooded over the U.S.-Mexico border each March from the nearby Texas resorts are gone. Mexico’s drug war drove them off, leaving a void of tourism in a city that years ago gave up trying to cater to such crowds.

home to immigrant workers, sit at the edge of town. of thousands of members in Honduras and El Salvador. Consider, too, the picture of a far-flung criminal network that emerges from the details.

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Murders in Mexico border city of Jurez already top 100 in 2019, including shooting inside Plaza Las Misiones shopping mall near U.S..

In Tijuana, Migrants Grapple With the Border Crisis Trump Created Thousands of Central Americans are now stuck in one of Mexico’s most dangerous cities. fernanda echavarri

Arrestan a suegro de La Barbie por narcotrfico y lavado en Estados Unidos – Noticias Locales Arrestan a suegro de La Barbie por narcotrfico y lavado en Estados Unidos – Noticias Locales. y lavado de activos. transportaban drogas en sillas de rueda hacia los Estados Unidos y Europa a travs del Aeropuerto.