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GEORGETOWN, Ky. — When Toyota Motor Corp. looks for new ideas, it looks to Kentucky. The Japanese automaker, which commands the second-biggest market share in the U.S., showed off its $80 million.

Toyota’s new $80 million Production Engineering and Manufacturing Center is the nucleus for innovation and problem solving.

There’s new leadership at Toyota’s largest plant in the world, in Georgetown, Ky.

30 years after groundbreaking, Toyota Kentucky proves age is only a number It started with an announcement in December 1985. Today it is a bustling operation that employs 8,000 people, sprawls 169.

American Giant is trying to refashion the apparel industry supply chain, which is why. new book he’s titled, characteristically, I F**king Love That Company. “The dirty secret of the apparel.

Prius surpassed 3 million units sold worldwide, while the Camry celebrated its 30th anniversary and passed the 10 million mark in the U.S. Toyota acknowledged these historic milestones while looking to the future with the introduction of the third-generation Lexus IS Sports Sedan and Toyota Highlander. The big news in 2014 was the announcement.

FORTUNE — Is it worth buying when your government is selling? That will be a big question when the colossal, and once colossally troubled, General Motors finally has its coming out party, which could.

The wraps are off at Toyota’s Production Engineering and Manufacturing Center in Georgetown, Ky. The auto giant held a grand opening event for the new $80 million, 235,000-square-foot center on Monday morning. The facility will be the home base for more than 600 Toyota engineers.

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Keith Ellison, Collin Peterson, and Tim Walz voted no. Though there was some uncertainty on the House side, ultimately, the only real drama was provided by Kentucky. $350 million in new revenue -.

Toyota’s new $80 million Production Engineering and Manufacturing Center is a big step toward a longtime Kentucky goal: Don’t just be a place where people make things; be a place where people.

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