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A: Satellite camps simply allow college coaches to travel long distances to work as guests at camps hosted by other institutions. For instance, Penn State coaches last year were invited to attend.

 · Council aims to improve access with football camps proposal. would require schools to choose not more than 10 days for conducting or participating in football camps and clinics. This is a modification in the number of days and the manner that football coaches can participate in camps and clinics.. Athletics administrators to engage in Dr.

What’s a satellite camp, you say? It’s an abomination to the American Way and an affront to Southern soil only slightly less appalling in scale than the War of Northern Aggression if you listen to.

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 · The Division I Football Oversight Committee, which met Monday and Tuesday in Indianapolis, will take an overall comprehensive look at all aspects of the sport.. Satellite camps, clinics, recruiting among the items to be examined October 2, 2015 1:54pm greg Johnson.

I apologize for my ignorance. However, I’ve seen a lot of people talking in favor of satellite camps, lots standing opposed to them, the SEC doesn’t allow them, it affects recruiting, etc. I’m just completely confused at this point. So, if any wonderful /r/CFB people can, ELI5: What exactly are satellite camps and why is everyone up in arms.

After attending a College Football Playoff meeting Wednesday, Scott told reporters 11 of 12 Pac-12 members were in favor of allowing coaches to participate in camps for high school players on.

 · 25 maps that explain college football. this gives certain teams big advantages. If you’re in an all-weather-football area like the Southeast,

The report says the DOJ has already reached out to college football coaches, conference commissioners and college administrators with the focus of the inquiry on how not having satellite camps.

Report: Big Ten the only Power Five conference to vote for satellite camps The NCAA voted to put a halt to satellite camps, and every Power Five conference other than the Big Ten voted against them.

The University of Tennessee will conduct a satellite football camp Sunday, June 5, at Tennessee State University. Butch Jones and his entire staff will participate in the clinic, which is part of.

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