But there is a set of values that have defined, traditionally, the "American culture," a set of values that is under extreme attack at present – values such as preferring liberty over security,

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Christians are now on the defense, and, for the most part, are fighting defensively. This is short-sightedness on the part of Christians, however. Its time that Christians take the offensive position in this struggle for family values. The battle must be waged and won on all fronts. Christian family values are inter-related.

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American Values are Under Attack With all the negative news and narratives you hear daily, sometimes it is good to just keep perspective on American Values and what is really important in life. Too often, the facts are not considered anymore, instead it has been about pushing a political agenda. YOUR MISSION: To focus on true wealth and happiness.

American values that made this country great are under attack by the first presidential candidate in history to make racism a central plank of his campaign — starting with his statement that Mexicans were "rapists" and "some, I assume, are good people."

Values under attack A woman places flowers for the victims of the May 21 bombing at St Ann’s Square in central Manchester, England, Friday, May 26, 2017. Emilio Morenatti AP

Judeo-Christian Values Are Under Attack in the Middle East – and in. all of Western Civilization – and define the way that we live in America.

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Clinton didn’t specifically mention the Trump administration in her Wednesday night speech, but her remarks on the current state of American affairs were a clear attack on her former 2016.

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 · With the Obama era giving way to the era of Donald Trump, other groups of Americans – including many minorities, undocumented immigrants and their families, women, Muslims and homosexuals – feel under attack, as well.

What is happening in America is an increasing hostility and intolerance toward Christian beliefs and values that many perceive to be an attack on religious freedom. In current American culture, you are free to be a Christian as long as you don’t actually live out your faith, vote your faith,

I see that other answers are just using the question as an opportunity to bash conservatives as per usual. So let me do you the honor of explaining what the “war on conservative values” is all about. There are certain values that conservatives hol.

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